浅川 太平 (あさかわ たいへい)



父が札幌のライブハウス「銀巴里」(~2012)を経営し、母が歌手であったため、幼いころはシャンソンをよく聴く。3才よりクラシックピアノを始める。 1996年、洗足学園短期大学でジャズを専攻し、卒業後バークリー音楽大学より奨学金つきの編入資格を得るも独学の道を選ぶ。 2004年、横浜JAZZ PROMENADE ジャズ・コンペティション、ベストプレイヤー賞受賞。

2007年に1stアルバム『Taihei Asakawa』(Roving Spirits)、2011年に2ndアルバム『Catastrophe in Jazz』(Roving Spirits)、2013年に3rdアルバム『Touch of Winter』(D-musica)、2018年に初のスタンダードでのライブ録音となる4thアルバム『Waltz for Debby』(Cortez Sound)をそれぞれリリース。

2019年、日本とヨーロッパを中心に国際的な活動を続けているドラマー池長一美とデュオユニットNordNoteを結成し、2020年デュオアルバム『NordNote』(Time Machine Records TMCD-1020)をリリース。



Taihei Asakawa

A pianist, composer and arranger born in 1977 in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

His father was the owner of a music club called “Gin-Paris Sapporo” (~2012). The club was the only branch of the legendary music club, “Gin-Paris” in Ginza, Tokyo. Since the clubs featured French standard songs and his mother was a singer of the genre, he naturally listened to French standards when he was a child. He also started to play classical music on piano at the age of 3.

In 1996, He entered Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and majored in jazz music. After graduated the college, he got a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston. But instead of going to the college, he decided to continue to study by himself.

In 2004, he won the award for best player in Yokohama Jazz Promenade.

In 2007, he released the debut album “Taihei Asakawa” (Roving Spirits) that vividly engraved his extraordinary skills, passion and originality, followed by the 2nd album “Catastrophe in Jazz” (Roving Spirits) in 2011.

The 3rd album “Touch of Winter” (D-musica) inspired by his experience growing up in north was dropped in 2013. These 3 albums consist of his exquisite original songs.

In 2018, he released the 4th album “Waltz for Debby” (Cortez Sound). All the songs in the album were recorded at his solo piano live show. It’s his first live album and also it was the first time for him to make an album with all jazz standards.

In 2019, he formed the duo “NordNote” with the drummer, Kazumi Ikenaga who performed worldwide especially in Europe and Japan. They released the album “NordNote” (Time Machine Records TMCD-1020) in 2020.
The timbre of his piano developed by learning classical music and the characteristic sound that pursues ultimate approaches of the left hand make his music exceptional and display his sense of beauty. His music and performances are highly appreciated by both the critics and audience.